Employment Agency Singapore

What do you usually do when you are looking for a job? You spend hours surfing through the internet and scroll through hundreds of job ads until you finally find one suitable for you. You think to yourself that you could have had a better shot if your resume was more presentable. You apply anyway and get a job. Sounds great! However, twentieth job later, you will realize how easy your life would have been if you would have just registered yourself at an employment agency instead. Employment agencies are not only a lot easier but are also less time-consuming and convenient. They make the whole process of getting a job easier. To make full sense of a recruitment agency, you must understand what are employment agencies and how they work. Continue reading to avoid making common mistakes when choosing an employment agency in Singapore.

What are Employment Agencies?

Just as you would want to have a job that is the most suitable for you, similarly, an employer wants a candidate most suitable for the job he is offering. That is where an employment agency comes in. An employment agency acts as an intermediary between an employer and an employee. If you are hiring, one job opening can result in a hundred of applications. Going through each one of them to find the perfect fit can be quite time-consuming. On the contrary, a person looking for a job might find himself sending resumes into the black hole of internet to never hear a response. So how can businesses and job seekers cut to the chase of the hiring process? An employment agency can be very useful in this regard. An employment agency is a firm that can be hired by a company to fulfil its staffing needs. Whether it is a temporary job you are looking for or a permanent job, an employment agency will cater to your individual need.

What does an Employment Agency do?

It is easier to find a job for yourself if the job requirements are plain and simple or if you are in the initial stage of the whole employment experience. But vacancies that requires more qualified individuals can be best handpicked through an agency. That is why most companies prefer using an employment agency instead of job ads for job openings. Why? Because companies want to avoid dodgy candidates and hire the best talent for the position.

First, an employer will contact an agency to assist in assessing and recruiting new employees. The needs of the job will be made clear after which the agency will use its database to compile a list of most suitable candidates for the job. Once the employer has selected his preferred individuals, the shortlisted candidate will be called for an interview which will be arranged by the employment agency. Hence, an employee agency filters the long list of people interested in a job opening to the ones who are the most qualified for it. This helps the HR of a company to shift their focus on other important tasks. An employment agency can also be useful in assisting applicants before their interviews. They can offer advice based on their knowledge of the employer. Moreover, an agency can help applicants with their resumes and tailor it according to their employer preference.

Advantages of using an Employment Agency

In Singapore, employment agencies can be very useful in hiring the right candidate for a job and helping a job hunter to end their hunt for a job. Whether you want to work in departments related to IT, Banking, Finance, HR, Marketing etc. you can always rely on an agency to help you find your perfect match. There are many advantages of to using recruitment agencies in Singapore. A good recruitment agency will assist the candidates before their interviews, by offering proper knowledge about the workplace, employer and common interview questions. They will also be useful in tailoring the resumes according to the job requirement and spreading a good word for you as it is in their best interest to seal the deal. Some agencies have exclusive access to job openings that others do not. This will automatically give you an edge over other candidates and greater control. It is important to note that these agencies do not charge a job seeker for providing its services. If yours does, it is best to look for some other employment agency. Also, you should not solely rely on a recruitment agency to get you a job. You should do some effort on your own and continue using other tools to keep an eye on other jobs.

Selecting the right Employment Agency in Singapore

When you decide to get yourself registered at an employment agency, it is important to make sure that you are working with the best out there. So how do you know if it is the right agency for you? let’s look at the following tips that might help you select the right employment agency in Singapore.
Check their credentials
There are many employment agencies that are known for deceiving practices or have had complaints filed against them. You can do a quick search on them or use Ministry of Manpower to find out if the employment agency you are thinking to work with is not blacklisted or under the radar. Another way to ensure you are selecting the right agency is checking for their certification. An agency that is ISO:9000 certified is extremely favorable as very few agencies in Singapore actually spend time and effort on getting itself officially certified.
The area of specialization
Some employment agencies often specialize in certain industries. This is valuable for job hunters who are wanting to get hired in certain industries or have specific skills that suits such industries. Having specific industry focused knowledge and skills means that industry specific employment agency is best suited for you.
Know their screening process
This tip is specifically useful for employers who would want to ensure that the agency they have selected has a thorough screening process. This means to check if the agency has a set criterion or a standard operating procedure for short-listing the candidates. Such as, do they interview their candidates before presenting them to you? Or do they just forward you the entire list of resumes that have not been prescreened? A good employment agency will ensure that its final candidates are selected through a thorough procedure especially for permanent positions.

There are many agencies in Singapore that are both local and international. Since there is a huge pool of jobs that demand skills that are not easy to find. An employment agency can be the most useful in this regard to help an employer find the right individual for a skillful job. Recruitment agencies are also best for the people who have come from around the world in order to make a living in Singapore. Here we have a list of agencies in Singapore that can be used for a start:

  • 3C Synergy (popular for jobs in construction, oil and gas)
  • Aegis (jobs across industries)
  • American Association Career Resource Center (specializes in helping expats find jobs)
  • Career Hub Consultants (for jobs in Finance, tech, science, hospitality and other)
  • Spencer Stuart (jobs across industries)