If you are a job hunter then you might find recruitment agencies very useful. Instead of spending hours on the internet or going through the spam of job ads you can simply contact a recruitment agency that will find a suitable match for you. Employment agencies not only save time but the effort and are more result-driven. They make the whole process of getting a job easier. If you are not familiar with a recruitment service agency read the following section.

A recruitment agency is a firm hired by a company to help fill in a vacancy. Employers who want a more qualified or skilled candidate would preferably go for a recruitment agency over advertising the job itself. Going through a pool of resumes to fill in one vacancy can be a draining task. Shortlisting the candidates for interviews and scheduling those interviews is something most employers don’t find fun at all. That is where a recruitment agency comes into place. It provides services such as looking for candidates that are best suitable for a job opening and shortlisting them for an interview. They are also responsible for scheduling these interviews and providing other services.

How does a recruitment agency work?

Recruitment agencies act as an intermediary between a company and job seeker. An employer will give a list of vacancies to an employment agency. The employment agency will advertise this job opening on various job boards and their websites to attract a list of potential candidates and update their database with new talent. Once they have a flow of applicants, they will shortlist the ones for an interview with the employer. Recruiting the right candidate for a job opening can be a tiring task. A recruitment agency not only helps businesses save time but also money and effort. They will spend substantial time sifting through tons of resumes before they will find the right candidate for your company.

Services provided by a Recruitment agency Singapore

A good employment agency or an employment business (often referred to as recruitment agencies) can help businesses save on time and money significantly while also making sure that job seekers find their respective job as quickly as possible. However, a recruitment agency goes beyond the usual matchmaking. Many agencies focus on developing expertise in a specific area based on specific industries, sectors, geographical areas, and skills. This allows recruitment agencies to specialize and develop effective contacts within an industry. Both employers and job hunters can rely on the consultant they deal with to give them accurate information regarding salary package and using the right contacts in the sector. There are many benefits a recruitment agency can provide to its candidates; they can negotiate the salary package on your behalf and also save plenty of time and effort. Recruitment agencies have access to a selection of job vacancies apart from the ones they advertise. A candidate can find it useful to register for a recruitment agency and get access to these jobs and other additional benefits.

For Employers

One factor why most companies would use a recruitment agency is to save time and effort. A recruitment agency will make sure to shortlist candidates with the right skills and experience. They also have their own network which they have developed over several years that helps them connect to potential candidates. Employment agencies have developed relations with the candidates and will shortlist the ones that seem a good cultural fit for the organization.

When it comes to hiring candidates for permanent positions, recruitment agencies can be quite useful. They not only have access to a wider pool of potential candidates but will also ensure to shortlist the one with the right skills and experience. A recruitment agency will normally only charge a fee if the vacancy is filled; meaning it is a low-risk solution. Using an employment agency to fill temporary positions can be equally effective as they have a supply of experienced and referenced staff with the right skills. In conclusion, hiring a recruitment agency to find the best staff for your company seems like an appropriate choice especially if you are on a time constraint. Similarly, job seekers who would want to work in an environment tailored to their individual needs will find employment agencies helpful.

For jobseekers

There are many jobs that are not advertised. Companies find it more appropriate to place these jobs directly with the recruitment agencies as they are trusted for their relevant experience in the field and their understanding of the employment market. These recruitment agencies have widespread experience and connections that enable them to select a candidate best suitable for a job opening. Recruitment agencies can be useful in editing resumes and preparing an application for an interview. An agency with good connections can provide effective insights regarding an interview. They can also help in finding out what went wrong in case an applicant was not selected.

It is therefore advised that job hunters make sure to highlight their skills once they have registered themselves in an employment agency. Some agencies specialize in temporary placements while others in permanent placements. Applicants should ensure which one to go for based on their personal preference and job requirement. Recruitment agencies do not charge job seekers a fee. So, if an agency is asking for a fee its best to get yourself registered to another agency.

There are many recruitment agencies in Singapore. Following are the most common names;

  • Talent
  • IRS recruitment
  • 3C Synergy (popular for jobs in construction, oil, and gas)
  • Aegis (jobs across industries)
  • American Association Career Resource Center (specializes in helping expats find jobs)
  • Career Hub Consultants (for jobs in Finance, tech, science, hospitality and other)
  • Spencer Stuart (jobs across industries)

The services that these recruitment agencies provide can defer greatly. Some may be industry specific while others are employee specific. Some of these agencies may provide training services too. The talent agency, for example, provides not only a list of potential candidates but assist in common HR functions such as labor laws. IRS recruitment specializes in temporary placements. If you are not looking for a permanent job, the IRS will be the right choice. Other more common services include

  • contract hire
  • workforce solutions
  • executive search (headhunt)
  • advertisement, design, and placement
  • shortlisting candidates and organizing an interview
  • assist in negotiations and advise unsuccessful applicants of the outcome
  • temporary staffing, labor laws, and other HR functions.

Are recruitment agencies for you?

Many companies might find it more useful to make a direct hire. One reason why this might be a reason is that they simply don’t trust recruitment agencies or get around the idea of a middle-man. Sometimes, an employee may find it more comfortable dealing with the employer directly. Establishing a relationship between an employer and an agency can be difficult especially if the staff turnover rate is high. Whether you would want to go for an employment agency or simply for direct hiring is a personal preference. Most companies would avoid using one if their previous experience was not good. When you would want to make an instant hire then using an employment agency makes sense. In other instances, maybe not so much. One obvious fact is that if employment agencies were not as useful, we wouldn’t have so many in Singapore.