List of HR consulting firms in Singapore

Running a small business is fun but running it effectively can be tough. Everyone loves to have the brand that they have established, and each company has its goals that are meant to be achieved by the entire staff. At times such goals are not achieved which affects the company’s growth. The HR department plays an important role in running a business effectively. They are assigned with different tasks that are performed by the HR staff members and their progress improves the company’s growth. Many companies do not have an effective HR department due to which their progress is either slow or not happening at all. Therefore, the HR consulting firms were introduced where all the works that are done by the HR team are assigned to HR outsource companies for better productivity.

Many people don’t support this idea because they don’t trust other companies and think that it is expensive. However, hiring an HR company saves the cost and time of your company. You will not have to worry about a separate department for HR staff members and your work will be done smoothly. In many small businesses, the office space is very less that cannot accommodate a fully skilled HR department. To avoid this, you can hire an HR consulting firm that will meet all your demands and expectations.

There are plenty of benefits for outsourcing an HR company and it is healthy for the improvement of the business. Instead of seeking for professionals you hire a company where you will get a full-fledge skilled team of experts who know their job correctly. Your team might not be skilled enough to stay updated with the changing laws of the state, but you outsource company will be. They are always updated with the new laws and help companies plan their businesses according to the new laws. Moreover, they handle your payroll and accounting process productively, which avoids any kind of mishaps in salaries. However, this lacks in many firms due to which employees face problems.

One most important thing in a company are the satisfaction of the employees. From small business to a larger one, each company has a set of employees working under the manager. If the employees are not happy, you will notice the progress in their work. It is important to maintain healthy relationships with employees because they are the ones who will grow your business further. To make them happy the HR department is needed to work efficiently. They perform their functions appropriately that help meet the expectations of the employees. When the staff of a company is satisfied with everything, you will notice the progress of that company. It is very important to listen to what your employees have to say. Once they are neglected, you will see the difference in the growth of your business.

To hire an HR consulting firm, you need to check whether the company is reputed and has a name in the industry. Check for their demand in the market and what expectations do they have formed your company. Every HR Company might claim that they have a team of professionals but ask for references that how does the team performs. See their clientele and grade them accordingly. If you are living in a different country and want to get your work done from a company based in a different location, then seek whether they provide services for foreign organizations. A reliable and cost-effective company will be best for your company’s business growth.

As Singapore is a highly developed country it contains different types of businesses that are running efficiently. To lessen the burden of companies there is a range of HR consulting firms available in Singapore that work efficiently. Have a look at the list of HR consulting firms in Singapore mentioned below that will help you find the best HR company for your business growth.

HR Connectus

Serving different countries around the world for 20 years and have a team of professionals who are dedicated to the HR profession.

Kelly Services.

They have a rating of 4.5 stars and are working since 2015. They have 1000 employees working successfully and have the aim of growing in the future.

SG Recruiters Group Pte Ltd

This human resource agency in Singapore was found in 2004 and contains a small group of employees.

The GMP Group Singapore

This staffing and recruiting agency in Singapore was found in 1991 and is one of Asia’s leading companies for staffing and human resource consultancy.


Another staffing and recruiting agency in Singapore that came into being in 2010. It contains a team of recruitment and staffing experts that handle international companies along with local companies in Singapore.

Achieve Group

A multi-award-winning organization that was established in 1990 as an HR outsourcing company.

Talent Plus, Inc.

A leading talent assessment industry that was established in 1989 and contains about 250 skilled employees. It also comes under the category of Top Ten Great Places to Work across the USA for small and medium-sized businesses.

JobPlus Employment Agency

One of the known recruitment agencies in Singapore that provides temporary and permanent placement of employees, contract staffing, Payroll outsourcing, HR consultancy, and international talent recruitment. Found in 2003.

Recruit Express Pte Ltd

One of the leading staffing solutions since 1996 and working for many business organizations that include many foreign organizations too.


Established in 2000 and serves as a top recruitment specialist in Asia.

Mauve Group

One of the leading providers of global workforce and consultancy services. Serving since 1996 and have helped different organizations from all over the world.


All these consultancy agencies are reputedly serving different organizations in Singapore and worldwide. Whether you need a recruitment agency to improve the recruitment process of your company or you are searching for project management, you will find all types of companies from the list mentioned above. Let others work for the progress of your company and build stronger relationships with your employees.